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What do you think of me? Are you quite proud of this make-believe...?
So, last week, I volunteered for the Buick Open with Katie and the group we're a part of. It was fun - We got t-shirts and a free ticket. Well, today, as a thank-you, the two chaperones (Cassandra and Scott, workers at Traverse Place [where we hold our meetings for the volunteer group]) took us out to lunch and ice cream at DQ. That was supposed to be it. But, Scott knew the guy who owned the Dairy Queen we went to, and he somehow aquired free pre-showing passes to a showing of Accepted tonight, a movie that isn't even out until the 18th. So, Katie and I took the tickets and we got her grandma (and her friend) to take us. At the theatre, they gave us free stuff to begin with, like posters and stuff. But, before the movie started, representatives from CK 105 and NBC25 were there asking questions for prizes. I answered a trivia question about the CW (the new network that will combine UPN and the CW) and won a free DVD of That 70's Show. It was a good movie as well, so I recommend you see it when it comes out. So, a two hour lunch date turned into a ten hour extravaganza, but I had a wonderful day with a wonderful person.

~ Chadrick


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