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Chad's Journal

The uncenored ramblings of Chad from 2002-2007

Chad Mosher
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User Number: 666123
Date Created:08/12/2002
Number of Posts: 300-ish.

Chad is a sixteen-year old male from Flint, Michigan. He is a pro-wrestling and game show enthusiast. His favorite type of music is rock/pop, and his favorite bands are Evanescence, The Killers, Dashboard Confessional and t.A.T.u.
Strengths: Great advice giver, friendly (at times), very confidable, great friend.
Weaknesses: Bad temper (at times), "loves" too easily, can be bribed with money or good-tasting food.
Special Skills: Can name almost any fact about a game show or pro wrestler, can turn his eyelids inside out
Weapons: His kicking legs, his agility, his mind.
Favorites: Food: Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
TV Show: Desperate Housewives, The Simple Life, Family Guy and The Golden Girls
Game Show: Any variation of Double Dare (except 2000)
Color: Lime Green
Friend: Really too many to measure.
Online Friend: starrbooty
Band: Dashboard Confessional, Evanescence, The Killers or t.A.T.u.
Singer: Gwen Stefani or Anastacia
Hobby: Computers, wrestling or game shows

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